Flawless Foundation Application

Flawless Foundation Application

Foundation is the base step for creating any art or any creation. A good foundation helps to make a good makeup look and hides the flaws of the skin. And for getting this even tone look, having knowledge and practice about flawless foundation application is all we need.

A foundation can be liquid or can be powdered. Liquid foundations are for dry skin, and powered ones are for excessively oily skin. Whether it is oily skin or dry skin, powdered one or liquid one, the skin will look flawless if the foundation is applied accurately. 

Any Skin Can Make the Foundation Look Flawless!

Yes, you read that right. Do not get disheartened if your skin is bumpy or you have acne issues or something. Before applying the foundation, good preparation of the skin will make the skin look even and smooth even after a layer of foundation and colour corrector (if needed). 

Tips on Making the Flawless Foundation Look

Flawless foundation application is friendly to some people and unfriendly to some. Lots of women have a mixed reaction about makeup foundation. Some like it the most and apply it too. Some ignore it in every season. Let me tell you why. 

If the skin is not adequately cleaned before applying anything, the foundation will not sit properly, and the whole makeup look will be imperfect. That is why many women directly jump to the concealer for doing the base, which does not take the place of foundation. 

The first and foremost task is to find the factual foundation according to your skin. The better suggestion will be that if you can, please visit your favourite makeup store and try foundation on your own so that you can choose the right shade. 

You can take help from the sales representatives to find your skin shade of foundation. Take 2 or 3 shades and take tiny drops of them individually and swatch them individually side by side on your cheek areas, and then you can choose your foundation.

As the humidity of our country has increased a lot more than before, the foundation may oxidize after a few moments of application. So, it is better to choose one shade lighter than your skin so that you won’t look darker on it if it deteriorates. 

Preparation for a Clean Skin

Maintaining regularity in taking care of skin is essential for having a smooth makeup look. An adequately washed coat is needed before applying any makeup products. We can imagine it just like a clear canvas, but that doesn’t mean bumpy or acne-prone skin cannot have a foundation. Of course! They can. 

Preparing the skin means washing it off with clear water so that the dirt inside the pores will be removed, and for those who have oily skin, the oil will be cleaned. An exfoliator must gently exfoliate the skin and remove the unwanted dead skin for an even space on the skin.

How to Get a Flawless Foundation Application

Few steps will make the makeup base look flawless if it is done with full caution. 

  • After cleaning and gently exfoliating the skin, you should use a light-weighted moisturizer. 
  • Then you have to use a matte primer. A primer lets the foundation sit appropriately on the skin. 
  • Let the skin soak the primer a few times. Give it a relaxation of 2 minutes. 

Anyone looking for a light-weighted foundation that gives full coverage all day long can try out the Focallure COVERMAX Full Coverage Foundation

  • Few drops of foundation will give full makeup coverage.
  • Foundation can be applied with a makeup brush, but the best result will come with a clean and soft makeup sponge that we call a beauty blender. 
  • If you let the beauty blender soak clear water a little bit, it will control the foundation layer and maintain the perfect foundation on the skin.
  • Whoever uses a colour corrector should be applied before the foundation and set by the pressed translucent powder

Suppose anyone feels that their makeup foundation brush does not give the perfect finishing. In that case, you can try the Focallure MATCH MAX Latex-Free Beauty Blender for having an ideal flawless foundation application. 

  • After applying the foundation, you should set it with a compact or translucent powder, whatever you have. 
  • The Last step is to use a good setting spray that will not let the foundation look powdery or cakey and give a perfect finish and a smooth, even look.

Flawless Powder Foundation Application

Many people think that powder foundation gives cakey finishing and is hard to apply. But it is suitable for oily skin and does not give a cakey look. It is not terrifying at all. 

Powder foundation is generally used for natural and everyday go-to looks. Typically, loose, pressed powder is known as a powder foundation. Its oil absorption quality helps to create a matte base. 

For applying this, sponges are not recommended at all. A makeup brush or a powder puff can replace the makeup sponge in this case. 

  • After cleaning the skin, using a primer is mandatory here too.
  • Giving a 2 minutes break to absorb the primer is needed.
  • After applying the powder foundation, you should lock it using a hydrating mist instead of a chemical setting spray


  1. How to make foundation look smooth on bumpy skin?

Answer: It is not 100% possible to make bumpy skin look smooth a lot, but it can be decreased. Moisturizer is needed for creating a good layer. A primer makes the skin look smoother a bit. Make sure you are using a pore filling primer because it helps the bumpy skin look smooth after makeup. 

  1. How to make foundation look like skin?

Answer: A clean and moisturized skin gives a natural soft glow to the skin. It would be best if you used moisturizer before makeup. Go for a liquid foundation if possible because it provides a more natural look than others. Apply it with a wet sponge so that the least amount of the foundation will give exclusive coverage and reduce the cakey look. Lastly, use a setting spray.

  1. How to put on foundation with a sponge?

Answer: Using a makeup sponge is a money-saving hack because a foundation brush contains less makeup, which wastes the quantity of the foundation fast. You should make sure to wet the sponge before applying the foundation all-time because a damped sponge gives a smooth application. Never use it when it is dry.


Foundation is the base step of the makeup. It is imperative. That is why you should know how to apply it well for a perfect flawless foundation application. An excellent Focallure foundation application does not create a cakey look. A makeup sponge or brush will control the amount of foundation you want. Preparing the skin well and using moisturizer and primer is essential for an even finish. This is how you will get your smooth, flawless look.

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