Focallue Eyeliner Review by @RANKSSTYLE

Focallure Eyeliner

Continuing with our Focallure Marathon now we will discuss it’s Eyeliner. Focallure 24 Hours Stay Pen Eyeliner is a felt tip eyeliner of jet black color. When I bought this eyeliner I honestly didn’t expect much as the brand is relatively unknown and even name of the eyeliner was simple enough not making any empty promise. So let’s dive into the review, shall we?

Focallure Eyeliner:

It is an ultra-fine liner for ultimate precision. It will help you effortlessly draw a cat eye with its felt tip. It provides total control and accuracy for crisp, sharp lines. The intense black color will create a hyper-defined look, long-wearing formula delivers 24-hour color that won’t smudge or budge.

What Does It claim?

24 Hours Long-lasting water-proof and smudge-proof formula that resists sweat, tears, and water. 

Includes the oil share.




The best thing about this liner is that it does exactly what you want a liner to do. It draws a black intense liner with consistency. Many big brands create eyeliners with names sounding like a difficult chemical formula or some word that could win you that scrabble with your uncle, completely forgetting that eyeliner can maximum create a fine line over your eyelid not conquer the world. I was pleased to see that at least this liner can do this and with a little bit of practice, it’s precise felt tip could be your best friend (Not really, but you guys get what I am trying to say)


As I mentioned earlier Focallure’s packaging could be one of the best if not possibly best in drugstore brands that I have ever seen. It also comes in a sleek matte black box spelled Eyes on front. Upon opening it you will find FOCALLURE eyeliner with an equally sleek looking pencil with just brand’s name on it.

Focallure Eyeliner

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