Focallure CoverMax Foundation Swatch

Focallure StayMax Foundation

Focallure CoverMax Foundation Swatches done by Trishita Nowroz. It is the brand new Full Coverage foundation of Focallure Beauty. Focallure COVERMAX Full Coverage Foundation gives you naturally long-wear matte but not flat finish, just like your skin but better. Featuring with seamless full coverage to effortlessly fade blemishes away and uneven skin tone, blurs the visibility of lines and imperfections, effectively for a no-filter-level flawless skin look. Available in 20 shades from fair, medium to dark.Perfect for normal, combination and oily skin type. You will find the exact Shade information of Focallure CoverMax Foundation Swatches video by Trishita.

Shade Information: Total Shades are 20. Fair Skin Tone, can use Shade 01 to 05. For Medium Skin Tone you can use Shade 06 to 10. If you want a Tan look then you can apply Shade 11 to 15. Dark Skin tone you have to select from Shade 16 to 20.


  • Full Coverage In No-Filter-Level Flawless Skin
  • Soft Long-wear Matte Finish
  • Meet Your Hue In 20 Shades From Fair To Dark

NET WT 1.41 OZ / 40g

How to Use: Use a small amount of foundation and then apply to the face until well blended with a brush or makeup sponge, finally with loose powder or setting spray for optimum wear.


  1. Better not to wear a silicon-based primer with this water-based formula foundation.
  2. For dry skin type, better to add with 1~2 drops of essential oil to blend with it before use.

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Tips for create perfect Flawless Look:

  • Firstly use the bottom of the sponge egg to get a proper amount of liquid foundation, and the cheeks, forehead and chin are lightly looped.
  • Secondly defects intersect into distinct parts, can be repeated gently patting circle steps, straight bottom can be uniform.
  • Lastly use the tip at the eye area. the nose and corner of the mouth to smear in detail, making it transparent.
Focallure CoverMax Foundation Swatch

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