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Loose Powder VS Pressed Powder

Loose Powder VS Pressed Powder

When to Use Loose Powder vs. Pressed Powder

With so many powders on the makeup shelves these days, it’s hard to keep them all straight. Pressed powder or loose powder , we’ve broken down each category so you don’t have to pullout your hair in frustration.

Pressed Powder:

Use a pressed, translucent powder to set and mattify your base cream or liquid foundation. This step can extend the length of time your makeup will last without smudging or budging. Pressed powders also come in coloured shades, which you should match to your liquid foundation.

  • Pros: Easier to use and carry than loose powder, a compact of Pressed Powder is easy to apply on-the-go.
  • Cons: Pressed powder can appear cakey or add texture to skin if you re-apply throughout the day, especially in the fine lines around the eyes. Best to avoid using pressed powder in those areas.

Loose Powder:

Sold in tubs and lidded pots, loose powder needs to be applied using a brush, starting in the centre of the face and sweeping outwards in circular swoops.

Pros: Loose Powder is best if you are looking for a seamless, natural appearance. Can be great for reducing shine in oily skin but not necessarily for skin on the dry side.

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