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Pink Flash Lipstick came out with 14 shades of melting matte liquid lipstick! In this video Makeup Blogger Trishita Nowroz is showing you the Pink Flash Lipstick Swatches of all 14 shades of new melting matte liquid lipstick by pink flash. This is a very budget friendly drugstore matte lipstick, which is suitable for brown skin. Definitely give this a try.

Description of PINK FLASH Matte Waterproof Liquid Lipstick (L01)

ALL DAY MATTE and MOIST LIPSTICK. PinkFlash Liquid Lipstick is highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick goes on smoothly. Water-proof, transfer-proof. For Pink Flash Lipstick Swatches you can check the makeup blogger Trishita Nowroz video on youtube. It has Vitamin E which moisturises the skin on the lips. Light and comfortable texture, make your lips feel nothing the whole day. 14 colors to choose, suitable for all skin tones. Ink your lips in gorgeous, matte lip color.

Available Shades:

N01 CanvasN02 Rosy RosyN03 Best DayN04 FlamingosN05 CookiesO01 FancierO02 Oops!
O03 Most OrangeP01 Dolly PinkP02 MysteriousP03 ObsessionR01 DorothyR02 MamboR03 On Mode

PinkFlash is a Global Beauty Brand. Their vision is to create an affordable and safe quality for every #PinkFlashGirl. They believe that you have a funny and comfortable experience in PinkFlash Makeup.

Features of Pink Flash L01 Lipstick:

Pink Flash Lipstick is Waterproof and Transfer Proof. It is soft finish and long lasting lipstick. For Regular use this lipstick is best for you.

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