Red Lips and Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Lips and eyes are the prime areas where makeup is noticed at first sight. Some people like it bold. Some like it look natural who go out on a daily basis. The glam industry focuses on the lips and the eyes to ensure a perfect look. 

If the lips and eyes seem bold and highlighted correctly, then the makeup looks perfect. If anyone wants to have a makeup look of red lips and eyes, can go through this article where I will describe the red lips and eye makeup tutorial. 

Red Lips and Eye Makeup Gives a Bold and Beautiful Look

Red lips can go with any makeup and any dress. It gives an elegant look. A darker shade of smudged eyeshadow or golden colour or any smoky eye makeup look or any middle-toned eyeshadow colour will go with bold red lips. A prepared skin can have the bold red makeup look by using the perfect brush and few techniques.

Red lipsticks are always trendy on any occasion or any season. It is more appreciated on glam night programs.

Simple Red Lips Makeup

Hydrate your skin and prepare it before applying any makeup, whether it is on the lips or any part of the face.

  • Even before starting makeup, if you have or can afford a lip sheet mask, apply it over your lips for 5 minutes minimum.
  • If you do not have lip masks, you can start by exfoliating the lips.
  • You can use ‘Argan Oil’ if you do not have any exfoliator around you for exfoliation.
  • You can use colourless lip balm too.
  • Then apply lip primer on your lips. If you do not have that, then a light-weighted concealer can work instead of that.
  • Take a reddish or brownish matte lip liner and line your lips according to your lip’s shape.
  • Drag a few lines towards the inside of the lip area called lip contouring that gives your lip the shape you want.
  • Set the base with setting powder.
  • Now apply your favourite red lipstick.

Eye Makeup for Red Lips                  

Red lipsticks can be used with any kind of eye makeup. A little bit of dark eye makeup goes well with the red lips. If anyone wants to use red eyeshadow, then use a dark shade near the eyeliner zone and apply the lighter shade to the upper area.

  • For the reddish eye makeup, you have to prepare your skin first.
  • Moisturize your eyes, use primer and wait for a while.
  • After that, apply the foundation and set it nicely with a setting powder for a perfect base.
  • Use dark colours like dark brown, black or blood red near the lines of eyelashes.
  • Smudge it a bit with a small eyeshadow blending brush if you want a smoky look.
  • Then apply a lighter red shade on the upper area and blend it well with a blending brush.

You can also use a cut creasing brush to put on glittery red or liquid eyeshadow on your eyelid.

Bold red lips give a glamourous and elegant look always. Creamy lipsticks are not trendy at all now. There is a risk of slipping the lipstick out of the lined lip area. Nowadays, liquid matte lipsticks are everyone’s favourite.

Red Lipstick Suggestion:

If you find a liquid matte lipstick, try out the Focallure Matte Lips Crayon Lipstick (FA 22) – Shade 3 Stizza. There are more different shades of red on the site. These lipsticks are light-weighted and do not crack, and do not make the lips dry. After hydrating your lips, you can see the red one with perfect lining. These lipsticks are reasonable in price and handy too.

Eyeshadow Suggestion:

For eye makeup, the usage of the brush is significant. A wrong move of the meeting can spoil the eye look. Use a good blending brush for smudging the eyeshadow’s edges and blend the colours well. FA 62 – Focallure 09 Color Eyeshadow Palette – Night ELF has various red colours. You can try this or a similar eyeshadow palette. This one is so pigmented that you will not need a lot of amounts on your brush.


How to wear red lipstick perfectly?

Answer: There are different shades of red. Find the red lipstick that suits you. Lining the lips is not mandatory while using red lipstick. But you can use a transparent liner shade. Scrub your lips and use a primer must. After setting the base, you can apply your favourite red lipstick.

What eyeshadow to wear with red lipstick?

Answer: Golden glittery eyeshadow goes best with red lipstick. If you wear red lipstick, go for a lighter eyeshadow of medium shades. If your eyes are more prominent, you can do a smoky eye by smudging the darker eyeshadow.

How to apply makeup with red lipstick?

Answer: Check your skin’s undertone to get to know which red will suit you. After applying the red lipstick, correct the edges with concealer, or else it will not be the attention of your makeup. Use a pinkish blush on your cheek and middle toned golden or brownish eyeshadow for a perfect bold look.


Red lips and eye makeup look get more noticed by everyone. That’s why no flaws should remain in it. The concealer and the brushes are essential for a reddish makeup look. Pay attention to the edges of the lip lines and eyeshadow. If you do any wrong, correct it with concealer. Go through the red lips and Simple eye makeup tutorial if perfection is needed. You can purchase best budget brands from Easy Dhaka.